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Melissa Richards  

I would be a hypocrite if all I posted w



Why I am writing this...

It's been a transformative last 5 years for me. I left Miami to follow a career in art in New York. Fell into a big pool of confusion and depression in the midst of it, and decided to return home to get my ducks back in a row.. The pressure to be perfect had weighed me down. NYC and I were in the "it's difficult" moment of our relationship. I had lost all passion, and idea of who I was. I was bitter, angry, and had become an expert at running away from my feelings. I didn't c

My morning ritual...

and why it is important to have one. I'm a Virgo, and Virgo's are all about routine. I try to follow simple rituals that allow me to keep feeling balanced through out my day. I wake up as the sun rises. I do this for two reasons. 1. Breakfast. 2. Exercise. If I don't wake up with enough time, I am not able to exercise before work or get a good meal in my stomach. I need some kind of nutrition in me first thing in the morning so I can keep my digestion and meal intake balanced

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Yoga is my therapy, movement is my medicine, peace is my goal.


I experienced the loss of my father right before my first year of college. 


I was leaving home, moving to NYC to pursue an education and a career in art. At the same time, I was experiencing the death of a parent. 


I was caught between two feelings.


What was once the excitement and ecstasy of taking on the biggest adventure of my life was suddenly replaced with trauma, loneliness, and fear.


I needed to shut the world off for a minute. It was all going too fast...


I decided to start taking yoga to find some stillness, some clarity, a moment of quiet before leaving to New York that summer.


I didn't understand much of it then other than the silence that it brought my mind lead to some healing in my heart. Little did I know this practice would change my entire life.


I want you to know that healing is possible. Its a journey.


I hope that through my sharing of personal experiences with these rituals and practices, you are able to heal those wounds, and become stronger.




I see you. I hear you. I'm with you.

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