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My morning ritual...

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

and why it is important to have one.

I'm a Virgo, and Virgo's are all about routine.

I try to follow simple rituals that allow me to keep feeling balanced through out my day.

I wake up as the sun rises.

I do this for two reasons.

1. Breakfast.

2. Exercise.

If I don't wake up with enough time, I am not able to exercise before work or get a good meal in my stomach.

I need some kind of nutrition in me first thing in the morning so I can keep my digestion and meal intake balanced.

I used to NEED a huge breakfast.

Every morning consisted of a bacon, egg and cheese, coffee, and sometimes more.

For the past year, I have cut down my animal intake to almost nothing.

Now my breakfast is usually a vegan protein smoothie made with:

- Moon Juice Brown Rice Adaptogenic Protein ( I love that each protein flavor has different adaptogens.)

- Sun Potion Yin power (formulated specially for women in partnership with Women with Superpowers).

- On days that I teach yoga or need an extra energy boost I add Sun Potion Cordyceps mushroom and Wild crafted Eucommia bark (supports the body's connective tissues and whole-body flexibility.)

I throw these babies in a blender with some fruit, and VOILA!

If I want to change it up I'll do oatmeal or coconut yogurt with granola and a Matcha latte with adaptogens and Cap Beauty Coconut Butter to make it extra creamy and delicious.

After my breakfast I wash my face with a gentle cleanser. I love Zen Cleanse by Saje Wellness.

The scent is clean and natural, yet invigorating. Its a perfect creamy cleanser for someone who gets dryness from regular facial soaps.

If I am feeling really oily that morning I will use the Odacite Black Charcoal Mint cleanser instead. It's refreshing and it is great to cool down hot puffy morning skin.

After my stomach has settled, I try to get some kind of movement with my body.

Usually yoga, or lately classes at my local circus school.

While I prefer to start my day with some kind of movement, a full class isn't always realistic.

Sometimes I'l do a handful of sun salutations, really focusing on my form and engaging all of my muscles through out my movements, or I completely leave the work out for the evening.

Once I am back and showered, I brush my hair with my Free Your Hair brush, which has irregular bristles that distribute the oils from the roots of the hair to the ends. It is great for me because I have bleached hair, and I avoid washing my hair as much as I can. This keeps my hair from becoming greasy on specific spots.

I also apply 2-3 drops of Odacite Acai Rose Serum on my face, and use my Jade Roller to really allow the serum to seep into my pores. This serum literally leaves me with a "Youthful Glow" through out the day. The anti-aging properties of Acai along with the soothing scent of Rose makes this oil one of my everyday essentials.

If I have time afterwards, I lay in bed and place my crystals through out my energy points to balance myself out.

This simple routine grounds me for the day that lies ahead.

Self care to me is one of the biggest ways to show yourself some love.

and sometimes simple, small, marginal improvements can get you into the groove of what works for you.

Self care = Self love.

What is your sunrise routine?

Sun Potion YIN POWER

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I experienced the loss of my father right before my first year of college. 


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